Jeff Cohen Funko Pop

£130.00 - £150.00
Jeff Cohen Funko Pop

Funko Pop send in - £130
Funko Pop supplied by us - £150

Character names are free of charge.

If you would like this option please leave a message in the notes section when you place an order. Same goes for pen colour, please leave a message in the notes section

If you would like a quote/personalised there is an additional cost of £12.50 each (per 5 words). Please email if you want to add a quote/personalised.

If you have your own images you want printed please let us know and if possible send us the HQ images that you would like. Also we will need to know what size you need ASAP

We will do our utmost to get a photo of each item being signed by the actor if possible.

This signing is courtesy of East Coast Collectors Service.